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The Nano PIV Series

Compact Lasers for PIV Applications


  • Compact dual head design
  • Dedicated PIV laser head
  • Telescopic versions for low divergence
  • Rugged for industrial installation PIV Lasers
  • 3rd or 4th harmonics available for LIF and dual colour PIV
  • Rep. rates to 100 Hz
  • Energies to 200mJ @ 532 nm

The construction of the Nano series of PIV laser systems is extremely robust. They have been developed as industrial tools that can be handled without worry of misalignment or damage. All Litron PIV lasers are designed for both system integration and open source PIV. The PIV head is formed by an aluminium gauge-plate onto which two standard Nano series heads are mounted. The output beams are combined by dielectric polarisers and then frequency doubled, and if desired can be frequency tripled, quadrupled or quintupled. Many of the Nano PIV systems are powered by a single power supply unit, making the overall package both powerful and portable.


There are two twin power supplies available, the LPU450- PIV and the LPU550- PIV, the latter allowing outputs of 200 mJ at 532 nm at 15 Hz from each laser. The laser system is controlled via a remote controller. All trigger and synchronisation signals are TTL compatible, and each laser is controllable entirely independently. All Nano laser heads have a verified electronic intracavity safety shutter as standard, which ensures that the lasers cannot be started with the shutter open – an important safety feature.

The Nano L PIV range also includes high repetition rate models giving energies of 50mJ per pulse at 100Hz from each laser from a power supply that is completely air cooled.

The Nano T PIV range has been designed incorporating stable telescopic resonators, giving very low divergence output beams that allow thinner light sheets to be formed than from conventional stable resonators.

For large area illumination, high energies are achieved with the birefringence compensated Nano TRL range which achieves output energies of up to 450 mJ per pulse at 532 nm, 10 Hz.

The footprint of the head is an extremely compact 850 mm x 260 mm.

All Nano series PIV lasers are available with the third and fourth harmonics.

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