Injection Seeded Lasers

LPY Series of Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

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LDY350 Brand LogoInjection Seeded Laser

All lasers from the LPY series can be fitted with an injection seeder to provide true SLM operation.

The SLM output is actively controlled by a piezo drive to the rear cavity mirror to ensure long term stability of the output.
The seeder itself is mounted within the laser head on the ultra-stable invar frame and optically decoupled by two Faraday isolators for optical stability.

Litron Injection Seeded UnitA choice is offered of seeding either super-Gaussian coupled (GRM) resonators or true TEM00 resonators depending upon the application, see TEM00 Lasers.

With the highly modular invar structure of the LPY series it is also possible to seed a twin-head laser system from one seeder yielding two mutually coherent pulses. Output Litron Injection Seeded Split Ringsenergies of up to 10 J and repetition rates of up to 200 Hz are available.

Please see the LPY product specification pages for other information.

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