Aurora II Integra Integrated Nd:YAG Pumped Type II BBO OPO

New PIV Product - DPSS 75 mJ at 532 nm.

Plasma 75 PIV - The World's first dedicated 0-200 Hz pulsed diode pumped Nd:YAG laser for PIV applications.

• Energy up to 75 mJ at 150 Hz, 60 mJ at 200 Hz
• 10ns pulse duration
• Variable repetition rate from 0 to 200 Hz

The Plasma PIV system is a fully diode pumped dual head laser system designed specifically for PIV applications. It comprises two fully independent frequency doubled Nd:YAG lasers, that are beam combined to a common beam axis. These lasers each produce 532 nm outputs of 75 mJ per pulse up to 150 Hz and 60 mJ at 200 Hz with pulse lengths of ~10 ns.
Pulsed diode pumping, ultra-stable mechanics, damage resistant optics and innovative design make the Plasma PIV system highly reliable. Offering a circular homogenous beam with a low M2 it is an ideal tool for high brightness, high homogeneity light-sheet formation.
With no services except the mains electrical input the Plasma PIV is a stand-alone turnkey system with an output suited to a huge range of PIV applications.

Plasma Meam profile at 200HzPlasma Beam Profile at 100HzKey Features

Two independent laser heads each giving
• Energy up to 75 mJ at 150 Hz, 60 mJ at 200 Hz
• 10 ns pulse duration
• Variable repetition rate from 0 to 200 Hz
• M2 <10 at 532 nm
• RMS stability <0.2% / 5 hours
• Homogenous beam profile for optimal light-sheet formation
• Intuitive operation using the LUCi touch screen control interface
• Ultra compact and portable free standing power supply unit


Plasma PIV Laser performance ChartSystem benefits include

• Pulsed diode pumped resonator design with long life diode modules
• Motorised attenuator for precise energy control
• Independent energy control of each laser head
• Easy configuration for 3rd and 4th harmonics for LIF or PLIF
• Extremely compact laser head compared to lamp pumped equivalent
• Dedicated power supply and chiller
• Ruggedised laser head for harsh environments
• Worldwide warranty and service


• Particle Sizing
• Ti:S Pumping
• Combustion Analysis
• Laser Induced Fluorescence
• Laser Peening
• Double Pulse LIBS

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