LD75-G High Repetition Rate DPSS Nd:YAG Laser

75 W Total Output at 532 nm

LD75 LogoLD75-G High Repetition Rate DPSS Nd:YAG Laser 75W Total Output at 532nm

The LD75-G is a robust Q-switched CW intracavity doubled Nd:YAG laser, highly suited to a wide range of industrial and research applications.

Litron’s latest DPSS technology gives maintenance free long lifetime operation and low cost of ownership ensuring a fast return on investment.

The Invar rail around which the system is constructed imparts exceptional mechanical and thermal properties to ensure excellent stability and repeatable processing.LD75-G beam profiles

A sealed head enclosure ensures continuous reliable operation, making the LD75-G ideal for high volume industrial applications in demanding environments.

The LD75-G is designed with state of the art power supply and control features which can be supplied as either a stand-alone turnkey system or easily integrated into industrial OEM equipment.


  • 532 nm, laser head giving 75 W at 10 kHz
  • Repetition rates up to 50 kHz with individual pulses
  • Diode lifetime >10,000 hrs
  • Ultra stable output (<0.2 % RMS)
  • Circular homogenous beam profile
  • Optimised for high brightness
  • Fibre delivered beam option


  • Silicon Annealing
  • Silicon Drilling
  • Diamond Cutting
  • Thin Film Patterning
  • Micromachining
  • Photovoltaic Processing
  • Spectroscopy
  • PIV
  • Ti:S Pumping


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