Aurora II Integra Integrated Nd:YAG Pumped Type II BBO OPONew PIV Product - 150W total output at 532 nm

LD75-G PIV - High repetition rate DPSS Nd:YAG dual head laser for time resolved PIV applications.

• 7.5 mJ at 10 kHz
• 9 mJ at 6 kHz
• Repetition rates of 50 kHz with individual pulses

The LD75-G PIV is a dual laser head system ideal for PIV applications.
The system comprises two fully independent intracavity doubled Nd:YAG lasers, each giving outputs of 75 W at 532 nm, that are combined to a common beam axis. Both lasers are independently triggerable and controllable. The Invar rail around which the system is constructed imparts exceptional stability and the sealed head enclosure ensures continuous reliable operation in non-ideal environments. The power supplies and chiller are fully integrated in a single unit. With no services except the mains electrical input the LD75-G PIV is a stand-alone turnkey system with an output suited to many time resolved PIV applications.

LD75 Farfield Beam ProfileLD75 Nearfield beam ProfileKey Fetures

Two independent 532 nm laser heads each giving
• 7.5 mJ at 10 kHz
• 9 mJ at 6 kHz
• Repetition rates of 50 kHz with individual pulses
• <0.2 % RMS stability
• Fully independent operation and timing
• Circular homogenous profile
• Optimised for high brightness light-sheets


LD75-G PIV Laser Performance ChartSystem benefits include

• 150 W total output at 532 nm at 20 kHz or 10 kHz
• Industrially stable Invar rail
• Fully integrated power supply and chiller
• LUCi touchscreen controller
• RS232 interface with GUI software included
• Ruggedised laser head for harsh environments
• Worldwide warranty and service



• Particle Sizing
• Ti:S Pumping
• Combustion Analysis
• Laser Induced Fluorescence
• Spectroscopy
• Combustion Research

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