Aurora II Integra Integrated Nd:YAG Pumped Type II BBO OPOTunable Pulsed Laser System

Aurora II Integra OPO - An innovative, fully motorised, type II BBO OPO and Nd:YAG pump laser integrated into a single system.

• Tuning range 410-710 nm and 710 nm to 2.3 µm
• UV harmonic option for 205-419 nm
• Linewidth < 3 cm-1

The Aurora II Integra range of type II BBO OPOs has been designed with reliability, stability and ease of use in mind. This allows researchers to concentrate on their experiments and industrial system integrators the peace of mind that their process will be consistent and robust. With a wide choice of integrated and optimised Nd:YAG pump lasers from 10 Hz to 200 Hz these are truly flexible systems.

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Aaurora II Integra OPO coloursKey Features
  • Tuning range 410-710 nm and 710 nm to 2.3 µm
  • UV harmonic option for 205-419 nm
  • Linewidth <3 cm-1
  • Fully integrated pump laser and OPO
  • Motorised OPO tuning with optional closed loop wavelength feedback
  • OPO optical compensation and 1064 nm variable optical attenuator
  • 355 nm process shutter with energy monitoring as standard
  • Full PC control via RS232
Options Include
  • Motorised and closed loop automatic tuning of pump laser harmonics
  • Auto-stabilisation of pump energy including power supply control
  • Automated no-gap output tuning from 205 nm to 2.3 µm

Aurora II Integra Optical layout

Aurora II-532 Integra option is also available. See the details here.

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Aurora II Integra Brochure

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