Aurora ES Integra OPO Laser

Aurora 1.57 OPO
Fully Integrated 1.57 µm OPO and 1064 nm pump laser system.

• Fixed wavelength OPO optimised for 1.57 µm operation
• Sealed Single Body Laser Head
• Rugged, portable and with fully detachable connections at laser head and power supply.

Aurora ES ConnectionsKey Features
  • Sealed Single Body Laser Head
  • Rugged and Industrial Design
  • Fully Detachable Connections
  • Water to Air-cooled PSU
  • Remote operation via the LUCi touchscreen controller
Applications Include
  • LAS (Laser Absorption Spectrometer)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Sensor Diagnostics
  • Metrology

The Aurora 1.57
is a 1064 nm pulsed Nd:YAG laser with a fixed wavelength OPO optimised for 1.57 µm operation. The laser resonator and OPO are mounted on the same mechanical optical rail to ensure permanent alignment between the two components.

Active temperature control of the OPO crystal and pump laser ensures long term energy stability.

The laser head is sealed against environmental contamination to IP54 rating and is fully detachable at both the laser head and power supply. The exit port window can be easily replaced by the user if required.

Using the LPU series power supply the laser power and control system and closed-circuit water to air cooling system are combined in a compact standalone unit. The system is controlled either via RS232 with the supplied software suite or using the LUCi touchscreen remote control. External triggering of the lasers is available via a TTL interface.

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Aurora 1.57 Data Sheet

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