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PLIF LPY10J Series TRLi Series Nano Series
High Resolution Spectroscopy (HRS) Aurora II Integra LPY600T U Series  
Molecular Spectroscopy Aurora II Integra Aurora Aurora II-532 Integra Aurora Series

Spectroscopy is an analytical technique used to gather information on the atomic and molecular level of virtually any substance via its interaction with electromagnetic radiation, either through the emission or absorption of a particular and characteristic set of wavelengths.

Spectroscopy long predates the advent of the laser but now lasers are used in virtually every aspect of it. Their narrow linewidth enables precise wavelength resolution to be achieved while the high peak powers from mode locked and Q-switched lasers enable nonlinear optical phenomena to be investigated.

Tunable sources, such as dye lasers, Ti:sapphire lasers and OPO’s are particularly useful for generating complete absorption spectra or for accessing particular absorption lines to enable emission spectra to be gathered.

Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are used for sample generation in LIBS and mass spectroscopy applications. Their high peak power and low beam divergence enable a plasma to be readily generated from any medium (gas, liquid or solid) under investigation.

In LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy), the plasma sample emits a characteristic set of wavelengths dependent on the elemental species present and thus the presence of particular elements may be determined with varying degrees of quantitative precision.

In mass spectroscopy, typically larger, charged fragments are generated (amongst other ways) by a laser and then the charge to mass ratio determined by accelerating them electrically through a known magnetic field.

The most common Spectroscopy & LIBS disciplines are listed above with links to the most appropriate Litron laser for that application.

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